Mental Health Social Worker Job Description

The key role of the Mental Health Social Worker is to support individuals with mental health problems within the community, hospitals and residential units. He should assess the person with mental illness and improve his life. He must be able to work as a part of generic team or integrated into multidisciplinary community health team. He should have some knowledge about mental health laws and regulations. He must have critical thinking skills and strong writing skills. He must be able to maintain friendly public relations. He must be able to take decisions and initiatives for the betterment of the individuals and their families. He must be able to deal with stress and must be able to manage time effectively.
Tasks for Mental Health Social Worker
The main responsibility of the Mental Health Social Worker is to assess the levels of the risk of the clients and carry out their needs assessments. He should plan and conduct programs to improve the health, combat social problems and to prevent substance abuse. He must be able to evaluate the mental and physical condition of client by interviewing clients, conferring with other professionals and review the records. It is the role of the Mental Health Social Worker to arrange breaks for the health care providers as necessary and implement group and individual therapy sessions. He must help and counsel the family members to aid them in understanding, supporting and dealing with the client. He should refer family, patient or client to other agencies for treatment to help in the recovery from mental or physical illness. Mental Health Social Worker must be able to modify treatment plans based in the changes n the status of the client. He must be able to collaborate with counselors, physicians and nurses to develop, manage and plan treatment. He should evaluate, monitor and record client progress with that of treatment goals.