Social Services Assistant Job Description

The main responsibility of the Social Services Assistant is to assist social workers, healthcare workers or other professional to render services to clients in helping them to improve their value of life. Assessing the needs of the clients, investigation their eligibility for benefits and services like medicals, food stamps and welfare and helping the clients obtain them are under the responsibility of the Social Services Assistant. They must be able to work with various client groups like older people, client with learning difficulties and mental health conditions, families in distress and children. He should have knowledge of local and national ordinances. He should have some people skills and empathy skills to build rapport with clients. He must be well assured and must be able to make decision quickly. He must be able to evaluate and prioritized work processes. He should be a patients and sociable personality. He must be able to manage time effectively.
Tasks for Social Services Assistant
The key role of the Social Services Assistant is to contact clients, and advising them about available resources and to arrange appointments. He should take part in associated meetings and must work with the multidisciplinary team. He must be able to assist and care the clients with theory medical, educational and personal problems. It is the responsibility of the Social Services Assistant to perform direct functions like maintains records of clients, counseling or arranging meeting and social activities. He should visit the clients at their home, assess their needs and arrange the post discharge personal or personal care or domestic care. He should liaise with health and social service users there relatives and colleagues. He must be able to collect information and to prepare reports related to progress of the clients. He should follow up enquiries and carry out case reviews. He should write reports of clients maintain and update their records.