Social Worker Job Description

The key role of the Social Worker is to provide community based social services and indentify the individuals, groups and families within the pertinent legislation to develop and safeguard the interest, communal welfare and the functioning of his society. He must be able to identify the problems and issue which are being faced by individuals and various sects of the community and renders assistance and care to children and homeless
Roles and Responsibilities
The main task of the Social Worker is to advise parents in the well being of the child and on the well being of the family as a whole. He should provide assistance in developing social service resources and programs and must supervise and administer social service programs. He should plan and assess for the social requirements of groups, organizations, individuals and families. It is the role of the Social Worker to work in various employee assistance programs by advising these with job problems or personal problems that affect their daily work. He must use the appropriate evidenced based methods to deliver intervention to the children and their families directly. He should counseling children and parents, guardians, foster parents or institution staff regarding plans for care of the adoptive child. It is the responsibility of the Social Worker to provide consultation on various social aspects or policies, procedures and services to medical staff, major commands, volunteers, commanders and so on. He must be able to provide support in training programs on thematic issues like behavior, parenting and development of the child.
Skills and Knowledge Specifications
Social Worker must be able to analyze and accumulate data to plan appropriate interventions. He should manage the risks efficiently. He must be able to access internet and must communicate via emails effectively. He should have good time management and prioritization skills. He must provide professional social services in the fields of child protection, children services, substance abuse, intake adoption, and mental health and so on.